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For Bookings or Related Queries please get in touch with our Reservations Team :

+91 6752 223006

About Us

The Chanakya BNR Hotel, at Puri awaits you with the timeless grace of old world charm and all modern day amenities. We give you expansive rooms, tantalizing corridors and well-maintained terraces all telling the story of India’s magnificent Railway inheritance.

The Chanakya BNR hotel has a royal history and is located just 200 meters from the picturesque Puri beach. We are proud to be the only heritage hotel in Orissa as well as uniquely, the only railway theme hotel in India.

Each room, as well as its public area, display rare photographs that convey the achievements of the Indian Railways – one of the world’s largest employer. After evaluating over 18,000 photographs we have handpicked a few for our distinguished guests. We are proud to be the only hotel in the world to display such a rare collection of photographs that leaves one in awe of India’s glorious Rail heritage.

One cannot help but admire the courage of the founders of this magnificent monolith known as the Indian Railways, which was instrumental in crossing great rivers by building grand bridges or supporting the Indian Army during times of war. We would only be fair in concluding that the Indian Railway is undoubtedly one of India ’s greatest infrastructural achievements.

Being one of the famous Railway Heritage Hotels, the Chanakya BNR strives to apprise our guests about the intriguing history of the Indian Railways via these photographs. These historic pictures will greet you in every nook and corner of the hotel and will take you on a fascinating journey back in time. It’s our promise!

All 37 rooms at the Chanakya BNR are equipped with customised art work from the glorious Indian Railway and have been furnished keeping in mind the heritage nature of the property. Apart from the vintage design room furniture, the rooms truly take you back in time yet provide all amenities desired by today’s traveller. Space is not a constraint in these palatial rooms and each room is of a different size depending on which part of the building one might find oneself in.